Friday, 19 April 2013

Home Love

When Fashion for Home asked people to show their favourite place in their home in their Home Love competition, I knew straight away what I would write about.

It's what I call my "treasures display".  I have several items that mean a great deal to me and wanted to display them in a meaningful way so that each one is highlighted but that they are also all together.  None of them are valuable, but had been given to me as presents or I had bought as memories from amazing foreign travels.

I had scratched my head for a long time about how to achieve this display conundrum and my treasures languished sadly on three cabinet tops.  I finally came up with the solution when I went to visit my sister and she had all her CDs and DVDs neatly arranged on racks.  Bingo!  Each compartment would be the perfect size for one of my treasures, they would each get their own "identity" and yet they would be kept in a group together.  And best of all, this was an off-the-shelf solution so wasn't going to cost me a fortune in carpenter's fees.

Treasures Display
To make the display more visually appealing, I indented each successive unit and I love the final result - it truly is my favourite spot in my home.

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