Friday, 13 December 2013

#ShopStyleParty Time!

I love using Shopstyle so when I read that they were running a competition where you had to put together a Christmas or New Year party outfit, I knew that it would be a wonderful way to spend an evening, putting together my dream outfit!

#Shopstyle party time!

I chose this fab silver Moschino Cheap & Chic metallic silver lace dress as my party dress - easy to wear but incredibly stylish - £470 at Harrods.

As it's Christmas, I wanted to inject some colour and it just had to be red!  Cue these cute shoes perfect for dancing the night away - Grazia studded court shoe from Simply Be at just £31.50, bargain!  For the chilly trip to and from my party, I'll need the Dorothy Perkins Red Silouette floral scarf (£12).  I just ADORE the packaging on the Christian Dior Addict Extreme lippy, so that's a must, and I chose Paparazzi as my colour, in the hope that my outfit will bring them out in force!  :)

My statement jewellery comes from All Saints and consists of the Biserka bracelet (£128) and Memphis earrings (£58).  Finally, a stylish clutch Palace bag from Hobbs to keep my lippy and Oyster card safe (whilst I'd love to be whisked to the ball in a coach like Cinderella, I certainly don't want to lose my lovely outfit at the stroke of midnight, so I'll take my chances on the tube!)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A very APPy Christmas!

Let's face it, life BI (Before Ipads!) used to be so difficult, trying to keep track of what Christmas presents you'd bought for who.  This was especially true for me, as I love to buy my Christmas gifts all year around as I see them, or at least note down the idea ready for when I have some spare cash!  I hate the "last minute" dash in December to get everyone's gifts when the shops are packed and prices seem sky high.

Over the years, I've tried pieces of paper (always getting lost), a pretty notebook (it got left behind too many times or I couldn't find a pen) and my brain (too much like a sieve!).  So when I found the app "Manage Christmas - Christmas Gift List Manager", I knew I had struck gold.  What's more, it's free, my favourite price!

The best thing about this app is that it's so simple.  You set your total budget to spend and the app keeps track of what you've spent in total for everyone.

Then you add people that you want to buy for, with a total budget for each person.

Christmas List by person

As and when you find the perfect present for each person, you can note it down (whether you have bought it or not), where you saw it and what the price is (useful to keep track on when there's a sale to see if it's really gone down in price!)

This app has saved me tearing my hair out AND has saved me money by ensuring that I don't overspend by buying more presents as I'd forgotten what I'd already bought back in April!  To me, it's PRICELESS!


Our Perfect Christmas Day

I guess most people have a large extended family Christmas.  Our family is only small, but does extend to four generations and what is important to me is spending Christmas with all of them, creating memories for all of us.

We'll wake early, prepare Christmas lunch and then take the dogs for their long Christmas Day walk in the morning with our best friends.  It's Mike's birthday on Christmas Day, so we enjoy a glass of something bubbly to celebrate.

Then back to open the presents with William.

The perfect relaxed Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.

Enjoying some games

and giggles

Four generations of Christmas fun!

Merry Christmas!  This is my entry for the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition