Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Big GREASE-Y Night In

When I read that Little Stuff and TwoLittleFleas were running a bloggers competition to say how you would spend a special night in, I knew that I had the perfect idea (I've been wanting to do this for AGES!) and had to enter!

My favourite film of all time is Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.  It brings back so many happy memories of growing up, and is still as popular today as it was when first released - just look at all the young things getting married today and they are bound to have a track or two played at their weddings!

So my perfect night in would be a "Summer Nights" Grease themed evening with all my closest friends.

We would dress in the parts (Sandy, Danny, Kenickie, Rizzo, Frenchy, Sonny, Marty, Eugene, Mrs Murdock.....) with wonderful period 1950s themed costumes and sing along vociferously to each and every song (we all know the words!) that play on the new Harman Kardon surround sound speakers as the DVD plays repeatedly.

Our milkshakes would be blended like "Greased Lightnin' " in this 1950s styled blender

and popcorn freshly cooked in this traditional cooker - "We're Hopelessly Devoted to You"!

We'll lose our voices, we'll have a ball, and there's absolutely no doubt that this evening is "The One That I Want" and there will be "Tears on my Pillow" when it's all over!

Capture the Colour with are running their fantastic Capture the Colour photographic competition for a second year running, so I decided to spend a very pleasant afternoon looking through my travel photos to find my entries!


Diving in the Blue
Scuba diving is one of my favourite activities and SO much easier in tropical waters than in chilly Britain! This photo was taken in Bora Bora, fortunately, these sharks are pretty harmless to humans!

Chiluly Glass in Seattle

On a trip to Seattle, I visited the fascinating Chiluly glass sculpture gardens where I spotted this awesome yellow structure.


Oil pipe controls in Bahrain
When I visited Bahrain a couple of years ago before the problems there, I was struck by the contrasts between the bright red controls of the first oil pipeline in Bahrain against the deep blue skies.  Beautiful.


This magnificent American car is to be found in Miami Beach in the Art Deco area.
Art Deco Green


Peeking out in Panama City
This endearing little chap popped into the doorway was I was walking through the streets of Panama City.

This is my entry to the Capture the Colour blog competition.

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