Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A burning question about weight loss

I was recently involved in a road traffic accident (I was run over by a Chinaman!) and damaged my knee badly, which meant that I wasn't able to walk my dogs every day which is my normal daily exercise - around one hour, 4 miles up hill and down dale. As I was bored stuck at home, I put on a few pounds, and now am finding it hard to shift them.

Jenny Craig are running a competition to win a bike, now I know that would help me boost my calorie burning, but they want you to ask them a weight-loss related question.

So here is my question:

Life goes on even when trying to lose weight and I love to socialise with friends and family. What are the alcoholic drinks to avoid when trying to lose weight? Are there any that are OK?

Guess this might affect quite a few people so can't wait to hear the answer!