Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Nostalgia at Home

This wonderful bakelite Bush Dac90 radio belonged to my parents and my mother tuned in every day to listen to The Archers and other BBC radio programmes.  It was a wedding gift to them from my father's parents in 1946.  

I inherited the radio from my parents (having to fight off my two sisters!) and it is still in use by me today - I too have become an Archers fan (probably from all those Sunday mornings half listening to it whilst I was baking as a child with Mum!) and carry on the tradition of the Sunday omnibus.

I love the detail on the tuner bar showing "all" the programmes available then.  When I show children the radio, they can not comprehend that there was so little choice when they have hundreds of TV channels at their fingertips these days, not to mention games and music to download from the web.

I love the nostalgia of this radio, all the memories it holds for me personally, and the fact that my parents' generation looked after the things they owned and would not have dreamt of throwing away something (or even replacing) that was still working.  Nothing was wasted in our house when I was growing up, and I think my parents (and grandparents) would be thrilled to know that I am still enjoying their radio nearly 70 years later!