Friday, 22 February 2013

Celebrating Family Photography

It's fair to say that I love taking photos, especially of the children and dogs and when Tots100 announced that they were running a competition with Printerpix to celebrate family photography, I knew that I had a great excuse to spend an afternoon trawling through the family photo albums (both hard copy and digital!) :)

 A few (very pleasant) hours and several cups of tea later, I decided that this photo encapsulates some of my happiest family memories of just a simple afternoon at the park.  

Yes, that is me on the other end of the camera as we are being spun round (at great speed!) by W's Dad!  We had a wonderful afternoon in the park that day, we all laughed so much! We'd all been on the swings and climbing frames and then W's Dad suggested the roundabout. I got some pretty strange looks from some of the Mums as I squished my adult frame into the seat but it made me feel like a kid again and W absolutely adored it, he was shrieking with laughter!  We were both completely dizzy when we got off and collapsed in a giggling heap together on the ground!

Life is too short not to have fun with your kids - grab every opportunity and if you can, capture them on camera so you can reminisce in years to come.

This post is Rose's entry into the Printerpix Photo competition   W aged 4