Saturday, 15 November 2014

Autumn's Best Bits

It's official - I LOVE autumn!  The beautiful colours as the leaves change from green to golden hues of red, orange and brown.  Mother Nature's harvest of blackberries (delicious pies & crumbles), sloes (mmmmmm, sloe gin for Christmas), hips and haws, acorns, super shiny conkers (brings back fun memories of childhood games) and chestnuts to roast on the fire. Oh yes, finally I can light the fire again and gaze into the crackling flames as I warm my frozen toes - bliss! Carving pumpkins for Halloween and enjoying fabulous firework displays on Bonfire Night. Really, who couldn't love Autumn?  Don't get me started on those gorgeous misty mornings when the landscape is transformed into a magical mysterious place lit by the late rising sun.

So when Sykes Cottages blogged asking what our favourite things about Autumn were, I was obviously spoiled for choice. However, my absolute favourite thing about Autumn is kicking through piles of rustly golden leaves when we walk the dogs on crisp mornings just as the sun is rising. This fun act takes me back to when I was a child and life was oh-so-simple and never fails to brighten my mood and make me smile.  Seriously, if you are feeling a bit low, pull on your wellies, get out into the woods or park and go kick up some leaves. I promise that you laugh and smile and will feel so much better afterwards!