Saturday, 18 August 2012

Capture the Colour of travel!
Travelsupermarket are running a fabulous competition at the moment where you have to select your five favourite travel shots that represent specific colours - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. So, as I love to travel and I love photography, it was time to go through my photos and select my favourites.
I love scuba diving and on an amazing three week trip to New Zealand in 2008 I was able to take the opportunity to dive at the world famous Poor Knights marine reserve, one of Jacques Cousteau's top 10 dive sites in the world and wasn't disappointed! My dive buddy and I ventured into this underwater cave and "surfaced" underwater into a small airpocket, giggling at the weird sensation of being able to breathe without our tanks whilst ten metres below the surface! Amazing!
I wasn't sure what to expect when I visited South Korea, but knew when they sent these wonderfully vibrant pipers out to meet our ship that we wouldn't be disappointed. We spent several wonderful days exploring this proud country. Clean and colourful are the words that I would use to describe South Korea, everywhere we turned there was colour to greet us, and, of course, the incredibly friendly people.
Leaving on a jet plane......or four! Almost all our world travel these days involves an aeroplane at some point. This photo was taken near to my home - I was attending an event where raptors were being flown and saw this amazing formation of four vapour trails in the sky - easier to photograph but no less amazing. GREEN
On an epic trip to the great white continent, Antarctica (yes, that's the seventh one ticked off!), I was able to visit the British research station at Port Lockroy which has been kept as it was when it closed in 1962. The institutional green must have been a relief after all the blues, whites and greys outdoors, and it was fascinating to see all the old provisions on the shelves. RED
I think that red was the most common colour in my travel photos - the reds flags and lanterns from China, vibrant clothing in India and Peru, but its closer to home (for me) that I've chosen for my red picture. Taken in London, one of the most visited cities in the world, I loved taking this unusual photo of a Lifeguard astride his horse in Whitehall. I wanted to get a different angle so lay down on the pavement under the horses nose and pointed my camera upwards - the Lifeguard looked alarmed to start with but then couldn't stop grinning! I've loved going through my travel photos and selecting the ones to include in this blog and thoroughly recommend doing the same, especially Di Coke (Super Lucky), Lisa Hughes, Kylie Martin, Katy Bennett and Sarah Ridgeway