Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Like so many things in life - Size DOES matter!

When Tots100 posted about a competition to win a new bathroom, it got me thinking.

Why are bathrooms always the smallest room in the house?  

My dream bathroom would be HUGE, at least as big as my bedroom.  Well, ideally, I'd have two bathrooms, one family bathroom (still a good size) which would be full of the kids toys and paraphernalia, and one just for me.

I want my bath next to a huge picture window overlooking meadows, and there to be a Velux window in the roof so that I can stargaze when having a candlelit bath at night.  The bath must be big and comfortable and DEEP, which means that I'll need a BIG water tank to make sure there's always plenty of hot water, there is nothing worse than a half depth bath or running out for a top up!  There will be a small elegant table by my bath which will hold my book and a glass of something chilled.

Bathroom with a view
The shower must feel part of the room with just a glass partition to separate it, with the drain directly into the floor - I have an aversion to shower cubicles, especially small ones!  There will be two shower heads, one a rainshower and the other handheld and adjustable.  

Underfloor heating would be a must to keep my tootsies warm at all times.  I'd love a big, funky modern heated towel rail to keep my towels toasty and ready to envelop me after my bath or shower.  Adjustable lighting is key, sometimes I might need a bright light to pluck my eyebrows, sometimes I'll want a romantic ambience.  There will be discrete shelves for candles too.

I'd like coloured glass walls (easier to keep clean than tiles with all that grout!).  Elegant storage is important - I don't want to see lots of clutter or bottles of lotions and potions.  A small comfy chair will be required to to ensure I have somewhere to sit to apply said lotions and potions.

Ah, I can but dream, but if my dreams were to become a reality, I would base my dream bathroom design around this beautiful elegant suite from Bathshop321

They even have the same idea as me to have the bath right in front of a huge window! And look how inviting the bath looks when filled.

In my bathroom dreams, size really DOES matter!

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