Sunday, 1 June 2014

My homemade #Shelfie!

The "Selfie" has become ubiquitous in life these days, but what about the "Shelfie" - taking a pic of your favourite shelf in your home that displays something about YOU?

Tots100 are running a fabulous competition in conjunction with Victoria Plumb asking just that, and I knew straight away which shelf in my home I would be blogging about!
My #Shelfie

I actually made this shelf unit myself at school (over 30 years ago!!) and it languished in a storage box for a number of years.  I started to bring back "little treasures" from our worldwide travels as memories and had nowhere to display them effectively until I remembered my lovely handcrafted small shelf unit.  Out it came from that storage box and I've been adding to my collection ever since.  I love finding just the right treasure to bring home to display.  I see them every day and they evoke wonderful memories!  My absolute favourites are on the top middle (a beautiful bronze elephant from my trip to India when I was lucky enough to spend a day working with elephants in Rajhasthan) and bottom left (a stunning handmade tango couple which reminds me of tango lessons we had in Buenos Aires)

Victoria Plumb are also running a fun Great British Home quiz where you can find out what you home style is - apparently I am Glamorous!! I'm not 100% convinced of that when I look around at all the kids stuff lying around but clearly it must be what I aspire to be!!  ;) 

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